The Commission has authority to take disciplinary action against a licensee, including imposition of education, fines or suspension, revocation, restriction, condition or censure of a license.  Cases involving unlicensed individuals will be referred to the appropriate criminal authority.  The period of time the Commission can exercise disciplinary action is governed by a statute of limitations. Generally, formal disciplinary action must be filed by the Commission no more than three years from the date of violation.

The Commission does not have authority to enforce or rescind contractual agreements, adjudicate civil matters, collect moneys, recover losses, award damages, or determine civil liabilities or culpability. They do not investigate landlord/tenant disputes, construction defects, ethics violations, homeowners association violations, loan, interest rate, or title problems, or insurance issues

Use the "License Search" function from Helpful Links to find out if disciplinary action has been taken against a licensee in the state of Kansas.