Broker License Requirements

Broker Pre-License Checklist

If you meet the requirements below, use this step-by-step guide to obtain a Kansas Real Estate Broker license.

Pursuant to K.S.A. 58-3043,  the Commission may restrict or deny an applicant’s license.

Applications pursuant to K.S.A. 48-3406. Substitute (Sub.) for HB 2066 was enacted by the 2021 Legislature amending K.S.A. 48-3406. Applicants who may qualify include military service members, military spouses, applicants who reside in Kansas, or applicants who intend to reside in Kansas. Applicants must hold a current valid license in another jurisdiction for at least two years immediately preceding application and not have past or pending disqualifying criminal records or disciplinary actions. If you believe you qualify pursuant to this statute, please contact KREC to request an application form. More information related to 2021 Sub for HB 2066 can be found here. 

The Commission will not process an incomplete application. The $175.00 license fee will be refunded if the application is incomplete or denied by the Commission.

Applicants Must:

1.    Be at least 18 years of age.

2.     Have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

3.     Meet an experience requirement. (See Below)

4.    Show successful proof of completion of sixty (60) hours of broker pre-license education courses approved by KREC.

5.     Comply with all application procedures required by KREC.

6.     Pass the real estate broker license exam before the course certificate expires.

7.     Indicate company information on the license application.
  • If you are opening a new office, submit an Open Company or Branch Office Form (REC-430) and $100.00 fee.
  • If you will be an associate broker at an existing office, the application must be signed by the supervising or branch broker certifying your honesty, trustworthiness, and good reputation and acknowledging any pending charge, conviction, diversion, or suspended imposition of sentence. An original license cannot be issued on inactive status.

8.     Include the experience pages, transaction log, or Full Detail MLS reports, and any other documentation indicated in the Experience below.

Experience Requirements

1.     The Broker Experience Pages and the Broker Transaction log of the License Application must be completed.  In lieu of the transaction log, you may submit a Full Detail MLS report, single line or abbreviated reports will not be accepted.
2.     Experience Requirements for Broker's License:
  • Licensed as a salesperson in Kansas, or as a salesperson or broker in another state, and ACTIVELY ENGAGED for at least two years out of the last three years in activities which require a real estate license in Kansas. Qualifying licensed real estate activities must be for compensation and on behalf of a client or customer.
  • These are the minimum requirements necessary for Commission staff to approve a broker application based on the delegated powers of the Commission to the staff. 

- Licensed three or more years with 30 or more transaction points.

- Licensed two or more years with 40 or more transaction points.

- Licensed two or more years with 20 to 39 transaction points.  A restricted license will be granted.  A restricted license would prohibit the supervising of any Kansas licensees.  To request the restriction be lifted, a written petition must be submitted with new experience and/or education for consideration.

  • Transaction Points  (These transactions must have occurred within the last three years)

     - 3 points per closed commercial or agricultural land real estate transaction over $1,000,000.

     - 1 point per closed transaction for all other real estate transaction types.

    - No points for transactions as a residential property manager.

    - Applicants can include points if they were the supervising broker and the transaction was completed by an affiliated licensee under their supervision. 

   - No points for transactions as part of a team or group if licensee  is not on the purchase contract. 

   - Maximum of 10 points for transactions with personal interest.

  • If an applicant does not meet the criteria above, the application will be forwarded to Commission members for review. The Commission will approve, approve with restrictions and/or conditions, or deny your application based on their evaluation of the information provided.
  • Experience in the real estate or a related business or a combination of such experience and education may be accepted if the Commission believes it qualifies the applicant to act as a broker. Real estate related experience in the activities below can be considered by the Commission.
  • Builder
  • Developer
  • Appraiser
  • Corporate Lease/Acquisition Manager
  • Supervising Broker
  • Transaction Manager
  • Transaction Administrator
  • Licensed Assistant
  • Real Estate Office Trainer
  • Real Estate Course Instructor
  • Title Examiner
  • Closing Examiner
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Mortgage Lender
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Supervising Broker
  • Include with your application a resume or position description for consideration of these activities.  A letter of recommendation from the supervising broker is required for consideration of activities as a Transaction Manager, Transaction Administrator, Licensed Assistant, or Real Estate Office Trainer. 
  • The Commission will also consider real estate related education, such as a Bachelor’s Degree or Minor in Real Estate, and national or local designations.

Supporting Documentation

Submit the following with the license application, if applicable:

1.     Supporting documentation concerning any of the following:
  • denial, revocation, suspension, voluntary surrender of license or any other disciplinary action taken against any professional or occupational license or certificate ever held by the applicant (include a copy of the disciplinary order and explanation);
  • a final court judgment from real estate related litigation filed against the applicant or a real estate company owned in whole or part by the applicant (include an explanation and a copy of the settlement agreement);
  • any pending misdemeanor or felony charges, any conviction of a criminal offense, or any diversion or suspended imposition of sentence for a criminal offense. Include a letter explaining the offense. If requested by the Commission, submit all documentation related to the criminal action.
2.     If the applicant is reporting disciplinary action, charges, or convictions, the Commission recommends submission of the following:
  • Letters of recommendation or character references
  • Certificates of completion for any treatment, therapy, victim panel, or group program
  • A resume including scholastic, community, volunteer, and work experience
  • A statement regarding the applicant's character, the nature and extent of any rehabilitation, or mitigating circumstances concerning illegal activities or conduct