License Changes

All forms referenced on this page may be found here.

Name or Contact Information Changes

Licensees must notify the Commission within 10 days of any change to their name, residence address or email address.  You may update your name and contact information through the online system here

Company Affiliation Changes

Change Affiliation

Complete REL-300, License Change, to move your affiliation from one company to another or from a main office to a branch and vice versa.

Click on the "License Search" link to verify the affiliation change is effective before performing real estate activities for the new company.

Licensees restricted to the terminating broker must provide a copy of the Restriction Order to the new broker. The new broker must include a statement that they read the Order and are willing to supervise the licensee.

There is a $15.00 fee to activate the affiliation with the new company.

Add or Remove Affiliation

Complete REL-300, License Change, to add or remove an additional company or branch office affiliation. Salespersons can only affiliate with one Supervising or Branch Broker. At least one affiliation must continue to remain on active status


Complete REL-300, Licensee Change, to change a license from inactive to active status.  Continuing education requirements must be met.

There is a $15.00 fee to reactivate.


Complete REL-300, Licensee Change Form, to change a license from active to inactive status.  Either the supervising broker or the affiliated licensee may initiate the deactivation request.  A licensee cannot perform activities requiring a Kansas real estate license while on inactive status.

There is no fee to place a license on inactive status.

An inactive licensee must renew their license when due.

Company Information Changes

Company Name Change
Complete REC-400, Company Name or Contact Information Change, to change the registered business name or trade name of a real estate company.  The Commission may deny the request if a real estate company with a similar or same name exists in your marketing area. Click here to search for open companies.


Company Address and Contact Information Change

Complete REC-400, Company Name or Contact Information Change, to change the address or contact information for the real estate company.  A company address change must be reported to the Commission within five days of the change. 

If the company is located in the supervising or branch broker's home and the home address is also changing, use the online system here to update the home address.

Supervising or Branch Broker Changes

Complete REC-450, Change Supervising Broker form, to change the supervising or branch broker of a real estate company.  A change of supervising or branch broker must be reported to the Commission within five days of the change.  Click here to find your company record and confirm the change has been processed.

Opening or Closing a Company

To Open a Company
Complete REC-430, Open Company or Branch Office.   Include the $100.00 fee and trust account information.  The request may be denied if a real estate company with a similar or same name already exists in your marketing area.  Click here to search for existing companies.

To Close a Company
Complete REC-440, Close Company or Branch Office Form and submit to the Commission within five days of closure.  Attach the report on closing the trust account, if applicable.  If the company being closed has branch offices, the branch offices must be closed as well.  The Commission will place each license still affiliated with the closed office, at the time of closure, on inactive status unless the license is affiliated with another office.

Trust Account Changes

The Open a Company form (REC-430) includes a form to report the opening of a new trust account.  This form may be used to report changes to an existing trust account, the financial institution where the trust account is held, or to open an additional trust account.

A form to report closure of a trust account is included in the Close a Company form (REC-440).

The Change of Supervising Broker form (REC-450) includes a form to open or close a trust account.

The forms to open a company or change a supervising broker include a place to indicate if a trust account will not be maintained.  If a company or broker change is not required, but circumstances necessitate the filing of a request to not maintain a trust account, such a request may be made in writing to the Commission without a form.