Continuing Education

Login to your record to see the number and type of hours still needed, if any.

To request credit for a course not in the education directory, complete the Individual Request Form.


Salespersons must complete 12 hours to renew, including at least 3 mandatory hours in the course titled: "Required Salesperson and Broker Core."

A "Required Broker Core" class counts as an elective for salespersons.  


Brokers must complete 12 hours to renew, including at least 6 mandatory hours in two courses titled:  "Required Salesperson and Broker Core" and "Required Broker Core".

The "Required Salesperson and Broker Core" course covers brokerage relationships and misrepresentation.

The "Required Broker Core" covers one, or a combination of, the following topics:

  • Procedure Manuals
  • Trust Accounts
  • Management, including all facets of supervising a real estate company
  • Common violations of the license act and BRRETA
  • Commercial Sales and leasing issues
  • Farm and ranch issues

Please Note: CE taken as a salesperson prior to the issuance of your Kansas broker's license will NOT count.

Non Resident

Nonresidents must complete the Kansas mandatory hours, but may receive elective hours for courses approved by their state if:

  • the course was completed after the issue date of the Kansas license;
  • the course was completed within the current Kansas license renewal period; and
  • the licensee emails the certificate(s) to Please include your Kansas license number to ensure credit.

Reactivation of a License

All continuing education required for reactivation must be on record with the Commission.  Login to your record to verify hours completed in the current renewal cycle.  To verify hours completed in previous cycles, contact the Commission.

If the license is on inactive status for

  • less than two years and was renewed without all 12 hours, the hours must be completed prior to reactivation.
  • two or more years, six hours for each full year on inactive status must be completed in addition to the 12 hours required for the immediate past renewal period.
  • five or more years, the exam must be passed in addition to the education requirements listed above.